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Summer is here and you are thinking about putting up a new fence or build a shed or extend your driveway. Call your local surveying company. Or, maybe your neighbors have an issue and say a tree is in their yard when you say it is in yours. Call for a property survey. Most people wait until they have a specific reason for getting a property survey done. Or, you could be one of those people that know all the ins and outs of the property and you have a perfect map hanging on the wall where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. Not you? Well, then here are some reasons when you might consider calling a surveying company.

Whether you have an issue with your neighbor or you just want to make sure you know where your property begins and ends, this may be the most important and probably most common reason people might hire a surveyor. This is what a land surveyor would do if you were building a new fence or widening your driveway. They would make sure that you have the boundaries to do that so that you don’t infringe on space that belongs to your neighbor. Don’t build a fence for your neighbor – make sure you are building it for yourself!

Spaces and Interruptions
There are some properties that may overlap or be continuous with roads or streets. Part of the job a land surveyor would do is making a statement saying that there are no discrepancies between the lines of your property and the adjoining property. This can be important for some properties.

Old Rules
Surveys done can show old laws or agreements that may be in place. For example, if your property blocks your neighbor from having access to the road there is probably a rule in place allowing them to go on your property to get to the road. Be nice – let your neighbor leave their house once in awhile! While the property should not have been built like that to begin with it may still be an odd case where some understanding should be present.

When you have made the decision to build a shed or new garage, you need to get a survey to make sure things are a specific height, bulk, dimension, etc…If you’ve already done the improvement…well, the surveyor will tell you what needs to be changed. Always get an inspection and permit before beginning the work so that you know if what you are doing is in line with the rules and regulations.

Be aware that specific zoning classification can change how you utilize your property. If you have any concerns regarding how you are using your property then you may want to consult a professional attorney. Make sure you are conforming to the standards set out by the zoning classification or it could have dire ramifications.

Bottom line. Get a land survey when you are in doubt about something. Don’t build or change something if you aren’t sure about it. Make sure that you know your property and are being fair to your neighbors too. A property survey company can lead you to understanding your property better.

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